The RedPol Project at the SEFA 2022 Conference

Three members of the RedPol Project will participate in the SEFA (Society for Fundamental and Applied Ecotoxicology) conference, organised by the LIEC ecotoxicologists and taking place in Metz from 30 June to 1 July.

For Caroline Arcanjo, Céline Boulangé-Lecomte and Joëlle Forget-Leray, members of the Sebio Laboratory in Le Havre, this is an opportunity to exchange views with other researchers on various subjects, also to present a conference on the “Development of a test for the evaluation of locomotor behaviour in the copepod Eurytemora Affinis”.

Today, ecotoxicology allows us to monitor the well-being of our planet, by studying the monitoring of contaminants in physical and biological matrices or by understanding the effects of anthropogenic disturbances on living organisms, by predicting the impacts in the more or less long term. The SEFA allows international researchers to address several themes:

  • The behaviour of contaminants and other sources of anthropogenic disturbance in the environment,
  • The transfer of contaminants and/or effects from one compartment or level to another,
  • The description and prediction of phenomena via mathematical models,
  • The more or less long-term effects on the different levels of biological organisation,
  • Site instrumentation and sensor development (biotic/abiotic, all scales, all environments)

Participation in this conference will be an opportunity for the project members to share the progress of their research, but also to exchange with other researchers and ecotoxicology professionals on future perspectives.